Jill of All Trades

My internet is going nuts again,  and so as my internal calibrator. Since my mother and I aren’t going well these days, I’ve been on and off on the ideas on how to run ruin my life. My time to do stupid things is running out and before I turn twenty five, I’d like to check off  some of the things on my list. I started a lot of things that needs my attention, with none of them getting one. With my health, writing, singing, craft making, nursing, blogging, reading, work and relationships, my head is starting to spin 360 degrees. How can a person want so much the she doesn’t know which one to pursue anymore? All of them have their own pull on me but some of them aren’t practical or even realistic (for me). Some require really hard work and focus and that’s why I am thinking on which I should choose. Right now I am signing up and learning about 2 things I love. I guess I’ll have to give a month for each of them (and all of the others eventually) and see where it goes. Some of them I have to spread throughout the week, some would be needing my entire focus and  energy. I guess this is how I’ll be dealing with this rather than to deal with all of them at the same time.
I hope I won’t be wasting my time with this planning because knowing me, I don’t like planning and I don’t usually stick with them as I get bored easily. I hope things will get clearer before I get a permanent job. I would eternally hate myself if I don’t get these things figured out kept stacked on with other things, only to find them at the corner of my life when I turn 40. Fuck that. I’d have to know it now.

With that, here we go.


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