My Spaghetti and I

I always finish my lessons at 12 AM, and off to sleep I go. But today was extra special. My mother is not at home, she is in fact somewhere far undergoing a training for a job. So I would have to wake up at 5 in the morning and prepare breakfast for my darling little sister. Usually, it’s too early to have dinner before my class so I end up going to bed with an empty stomach, but alas, today my stomach cannot take it. The pasta I cooked yesterday – which was good by the way ;) – was calling me from the fridge, so went up and reheated it.

My spaghetti and I

I took a  video of myself doing nothing but eating, and I was seriously planning to upload it here but playing around a bit with it on VLC, I ruined the video. Darnit. It would have been a real good show. I remembered one episode of I Carly when Spencer took a Video of himself eating a bowl of cereal – or was it oatmeal?
Oh damn it! I finished off a bowl of spaghetti and I didn’t get any fun for it >:(

 Oh well, I guess I have to sleep now. I only got 3 hours of sleep and tomorrow will be a long day for me.
Good luck!

By the way,

Do you want my spaghetti recipe?:D


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