All I can say is that I am so left behind with my to-do list. If I were to die tomorrow, I’d be so disappointed!
My list is growing and I am not devoting time to do these things, instead, I am giving myself more useless things to do. More on play and less on work.
I think I know why I am piled up with work though. I am a procrastinator. There! I said it.
I would think of a lot of ways to delay and delay what I want to do. I want to remove that from myself. I do not need to buy things in order for me to do what I want. Damn it! Che! Get your act straight!

Well, after this blog post, I will write them down again and make a realistic plan on how and when I will accomplish them.

And also I will print out my own daily planner. I hope. Or I else I will spend 300 pesos for it. -_-

Okay, I have to go now before my mind change itself.


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