Rainbow Life

I’ve noticed that my blog posts doesn’t contain much anymore. It seems that I am making that mistake that I keep on avoiding – the quantity vs. quality argument. I’ve been updating my blog every time I have the time to do it so my blog posts are like short updates about my life. What I want to do now is to just sit down and really delve into relaying my thoughts. What makes this hard is because of fear that one time, someone’s going to read this blog and judge me or get mad at me for thinking or saying such things. Not that I have trashed talked anyone :P It’s just that sometimes we have emotions that we cannot control and we have feelings that could get hurt, overjoyed or carried away. Actually, I think that my blog is already compromised  and somebody’s been crawling around my brain, watching me as I think aloud.

Anyway, enough about that.
So, updates..
1. It’s the second to the last day of my training and next week would be my graduation. After that, I am free to open my lessons here at home and I don’t have to go to the office to teach anymore.
2. A very special person in my life will celebrate a birthday in July so guess what I’m giving as a gift..

I’ve always wanted to learn this cake, and now I have somebody to give it to :) I just hope I’ll make it right in time because I’ve never baked anything in my entire life o_o
I will start practicing on Monday, so goodluck to me. I will give you updates, recipes and tweaks on that. Thanks to tumblr for introducing this cake for me and to whisk-kid for pointing me to the right direction. :)
I will have to study a lot, buy ingredients, make a couple or more mistakes, maybe burn a finger or two, but it would be all worth it. I am so excited!

Thirty minutes on the clock! I have to go bathe now and work ;)
See you all soon!


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