You see, girls like simple, simple turns them on. Keep things simple and you will see things grow. The moment you try to be impressive or show off, is the moment you make yourself look bad. Mature girls, girls who know what they want, don’t want somebody who is fabricated or one who tries too hard, they want someone real. It doesn’t mean you will be perfect, granted sometimes the both of you may think other people are cute, but that shouldn’t phase you, because every time you see someone cute, you should be reminded on how cuter your love is. Remind yourself that they’re the person you’re dating, the person you love, the person you rather be with than anybody else. Girls want someone to be honest, and honesty is always the best policy.

They want you to tell them when something’s wrong, they don’t want you to baby them with I love you or with things. They rather see results in your actions then to hear the same words all the time. I believe a girl appreciates a guy who can show her love, a guy who can still hang out with his friends while she hangs out with hers and have no worries. One who can have a social life and still make her number one. I think a girl likes a guy who knows when she needs her space, one who can give her all the attention in the world, but one who knows when to back off. But as well you guys gotta give your girl something to pay attention to, do things with her, make her smile, cuddle with her, do cute things, watch movies with her, stay in with her when she doesn’t go out, etc, etc.

It’s about being yourself and keeping it as simple as possible. If your girl likes to eat, randomly bring her food and girls, if your man likes sports, sit down and watch it with him. Relationships should be open and free, you should have laughs, smiles, funny times, and good moments. You should be able to make fun of each other, and not take it personal. I believe girls don’t mind a guy who will embarrass himself with her, dance with her or do something random you know? Enjoy the laughs and the smile. You don’t have to buy your girlfriend gifts everyday, or every time you see her, it gets old. You gotta keep it different, switch it up. Don’t let it fall into the same routine. Take your girl somewhere she’s been dying to go, but never had the chance to. Be spontaneous but keep it simple, it goes a long way. <3


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