I looked back to face you all just to ask a small question
I was caught off guard by your brown eyes of intense passion
My brain pretended it was nothing
but my heart knew what was happening

I tried to shake it off and for days I succeeded
But your stolen glances made it oh so complicated
And then there was that day we finally got connected
And my heart and brain finally settled into an agreement

I liked you, but then I started to know you
So I started to like you even more
The way you think, act and react
That way you choose your words
The way speak your heart

The way you said you like me
And how your heart beats faster when I’m near
And when you said you like my eyes
How I make you speechless and that you’re sad when I’m not here

You don’t know how much my heart flutters when I see your name on my cellphone screen.
And how I also get sad when it’s not your name that would appear.

And then you said you were falling
And then I started to doubt
And then I started to ask
And then you started to back down

Did you know how upset you made me that night?
I was on my PMS, I was about to cry
And then I wake up the next morning with a text on my screen
I thought we would be fine again
But I was wrong about that thing

And now you are distancing yourself
And it really pains me inside
I want to tell you how I like you so
But I’m afraid to fly

And I was mad at you for being such a pussy
But at least when you got scared
You still jumped and tried to fly
While I, didn’t even told you what I feel inside

I realized now that I’m just mad at myself
I didn’t even had a chance to show you that I care
I wanted so bad to also express how I feel
And so we haven’t even started, and now the end is here

-Cherry F.

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