The Day is the Day

I feel so dead today.
I am lying on my bed right now reading my book to sleep and remembered to blog :)
Anyway. Today I went to the said interview. It was okay. I dunno. My family asked me about it, I don’t know what answers they were expecting though. Am I supposed to tell them that I hated the way it turned out? It was fine but I don’t think I would get in (In my defense, I also did not expect the retake and interview) but I don’t know. As days goes by I feel more and more out of it. Not the time to talk about it.
I told you I would never speak of the hospital again so this would be the last time. But if I actually get accepted (Which I doubt), I sure will do whatever I can to hang on to it.
But again, I won’t hold my breath.

Reese’s and Kisses,


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