*Looks around, looking for glasses. Too lazy to fetch it on my room*

Today I have a little hangover. My friends and I went our for a drink last night because of heart problems.
So I used http://www.futureme.org/ and wrote letters to my future self. I just hope that when I receive them in the future, I won’t be disappointed with my life :))
I read other’s letters from that site.  To read their plans for the future and they are expecting from their future self makes me sad and happy. I am quite excited to receive mine into the future and see if mine has pushed through.
It also gives me inspiration to do my plans because I don’t want to disappoint my “past self”.
This is going to be fun!:)

The truth is I can’t think straight right now as my brain is dehydrated.
I guess I’ll see you all tomorrow?

My simblog is a hit right now :)
I am happy!
And that is why I haven’t posted here in a while now.
That’s okay. I’m having a blast :)


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