Well, guess who’s in the mood today?:) Well, actually the day was almost a failure. I woke up at 5am today to start yet again my daily routine. I was halfway through my yoga when I felt sleepy, so I stopped and lay down on our couch and tried to rest my eyes for a while (We all know where this is going) while my dogs slept beside me. I woke up at 8.. Kept going.. 9:30..Kept going.. until I woke up at 11:40 and remembered that I still have to coooooook! Well, I don’t need to but I wanted to so I did :)
Today I decided to make my favorite Chicken Curry ♥ And to tell you the truth, it was awesome!
I didn’t know I could make it, but I did! The salty, spicy flavor was heavenly. Though there as still room for improvement, I’d say I hit bullseye today.
And that’s why I am happy today, ladies and gentlemen!

Will be writing the Recipe for My Chicken Curry now.

Lots’a love,


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