CISS Philippines Review: The Best Continuous Ink Flow System

CISS or Continuous Ink Flow Supply System is a big hit these days, not only to those who own computer shops but also to students and home office owners alike. We all know how costly it is to buy one ink cartridge after another so here’s my own experiences with CISS and reviews for them.


I have only tried  two brands of CISS: Inkjet and Ink-novation. Though I I haven’t experienced a lot of CISS brands (thank God!), I hope this review would save somebody someday.

When I was still in school, my paper works can go to as much as 100 pages a week. Computer shops these days charge 7 pesos per page or sometimes, 1 peso per page if located near a school. You can just imagine how painful that is to our pockets. So we went to Robinsons, the nearest mall from our house and availed Inkjet’s services.

Though I am not generalizing all Inkjet branches, this one is a failure. Though the location is very beneficial to us, and the price is cheap I won’t recommend this to you. It is a case to case basis, but I am still 90% convinced that the responsibility lies on Inkjet’s shoulders. They trained their employees right?

1. Cheap
2. Location is Near

1. They re-use your old cartridge – Might sound good because it means you are saving, bit it isn’t. Most of the time used cartridge can still have remaining original inks inside and if this is mixed with another kind of ink it would most certainly clot.
2. They manually drill holes on your cartridge which might result to blockage
3. They don’t give you instructions at all, besides the standard instruction to put the ink tank level with the printer at all times. If you’re somebody who has knowledge whatsoever to these things, I can bet you’d have a lot problems.

Needless to say, inkjet only brought me a lot of headaches. The hose connecting to the cartridge was dislodged a lot of times, bubbles were always on the tube because of a leak somewhere in the system, and the ink leaked out from my printer eventually. We sent it back to inkjet for a fix (another headache!), but sadly, our Canon ip 1880 went into early retirement.

Ink-novation was something I found in the internet through research. I was hooked to their promises on the website and after reading some reviews I went to Savemore Sta. Mesa to avail their bundle. An Epson ME 32 with CISS for 3,950
 php. You might think it’s very expensive, and it is, but there are a lot of advantages.

1. Limited Branch – Sta. Mesa is actually very far from our house.

2. Costly

1. They don’t recycle your cartridges. Cartridges are included in their CISS.
2. Their hoses are not manually drilled in front of you.
3. It has a new design wherein a small button with a battery is connected to your cartridge and this acts like a reset button if your computer suddenly won’t recognize the modified cartridges.
4. It was obvious that their employees are well educated about the system and they would educate you too with the important points to remember about the CISS.

And today, I will also share these few points with you.
1. The tank has a division inside. The ink on the smaller part should only occupy 1/8 of the space. While the bigger one should be full. The bigger part is also where you will do the refilling.
2. Leave the small hole open when when you arrive home and put the filter in place of its plug
3. When you refill, close the small hole before opening the big one. If you will travel the printer, aside from plugging all holes to prevent spilling, kink/fold the tubing and secure it with a tape just to be sure.
4. Never put the tank higher than your printer.
5. Keep the printer ON as much as possible, especially if you are not going to use it for a long period of time. This prevents hardening and clotting of the the ink inside the printer. The reason is because inside every printer, the place where the cartridges rest has a heating mechanism. 

6. Never, I repeat NEVER, should you mix one brand of ink to another brand of ink. Different brands have different composition and chemical components. If you MUST, clean and flush the entire system with a solution that is specifically made for that job.

I’ve never tried the other popular brands and I hope never again. All I could say is good luck to you if you are planning to take this investment and if you’ve tried other brands or have comments or reactions you might want to add, please drop them below!:)

Here’s to unlimited printing!


I love reading your comments!

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