Pro or Anti RH Bill? Why? :D


I’m not sure. I haven’t read the entire bill, but from what I heard from all of those debates, I am Pro RH Bill. The reason I came to this conclusion was because of the false statements of the Anti’s. I can’t recall all of them but..

1. If a grade 6 student has sex education she would do it later on – false. She would do it regardless.
2. Parents should be the first people to introduce sex to children – when was the last time you ask your mom about that?? Imagine her meltdown.
3. Contraceptives = Decrease in pop. =  Poverty alleviation – Wrong. Quality education is the solution to poverty.
Just imagine if all the kids have quality education, they’ll have work when they grow up, they can support their family and they can bring their kids to school also. The cycle continues.
Less population full of ignorant people and greedy government officials won’t change shit.

Wait, I’m not sure about the third one. My brain is sleeping. I think I’m negating PRO RH on that one.

I was about to point out a lot of things but that’s all I can think of.
The point is. We’ve been Anti-Rh bill our whole life and nothing is changing.
Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting for different results. And, I am Pro Rh but I’m still pro life. Does that even make sense?

Ay, last one.
4. The church shouldn’t have anything to do with this bill. They should shut up.



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