If the string of your life was about to be cut and you only had one hour left to write a letter to someone you can't be with at the moment, to whom would you write and what would you write about?Random.

Ouch :((

Probably.. To my lolo.
My sister and mama knows how much they mean to me. My aunts, unlcle and lola also do (I hope) not necessarily through words but because of what I do.

My lolo is the matampuhin type and (why am I crying?) this is what I would tell him.

You might be shocked that I am leaving my last letter to you.(engish pa teh?) I just want to tell you that I love you so much and I appreciate every small thing that you do for us, for me. Remember that time you bought me those sandals from Marikina out of the blue? I didn’t even know you knew my size. I didn’t say it but deep inside I was so happy. And those times when you buy palabok on Sundays just because. Palabok is my favorite. Tay, thanks for taking care of mama when she was a teen, pregnant with me and accepting us with open arms. I never forget that. Please stop drinking those supplements and meds. You are FINE. Just stop eating foods that are wrong for you. I love you Tay. Sorry for always getting mad at you everytime you drink and go nuts. Sorry too if you have to hear all of these from a letter. Well, I guess I used up the entire hour from crying. Sorry I have to go first. Please hug nanay for me? Just this one time? I love you. See you when I see you.


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