A letter

I’m still up. I fixed the shoes my dogs ruined a while ago and now I am about to budget our money for the month of July. Nothing fantastic to write about today. Oh, yeah! My friend and I went to this hospital to pass our resume. I know it’s a long shot, because of the boxes of envelopes sitting the corner was glaring at us :) But I feel something about this hospital. I see myself walking along those corridors. Maybe it’s just my eagerness to work their oozing out of my nose, but still. I am hanging on to that positive energy. I really really want to work there. Oh well.
We were supposed to go to our school after that to register for a seminar but we ran out of time. So we ended up eating lunch. And now I want a burger. I want Wendy’s burger.
It’s almost 3.
Oh! I remember the reason why I am blogging right now. You see, a while ago in tumblr, I asked my followers to ask me some questions. One of my friends asked me a very personal question, it goes something like ‘If I have an hour left and I have a chance to write a letter. Whom would I give it to and what would it say?’ And so I gave my answer. I cried while writing it, and my eyes are still puffy because of it actually. Anyway, because of that I got inspired to write letters to all the people I love. It’s either a post here on my blog or a printed out letter on a sealed envelope. But it’s really a conflict for me because I don’t want to keep them as letters and the same time, I don’t want to just randomly say it to them in person.

I don’t know. I would decide tomorrow.
And oh, tomorrow is my dentist day. I highly doubt its my last.



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