My Day And My Room

I just finished organizing my calendar. Actually I am not sure if it’s still my calendar because it’s full of my sister’s school activities. Speaking of activities, I have NONE so I am thinking of joining a choir. My tita is offering me to join hers. I still am not sure though. If I am already positive that they don’t have bible studies and other religious activities, I would go. You know, just a change in environment, to share to others my God given talents(?). I am planning to buy an Inknovation printer bundle – I think I’ve mentioned that already – tomorrow. At freaking Sta. Mesa!! Why so far?? -_-
And I am also planning to start my tutorial and babysitting services to burn away my time.
What else is there to report?…
Can’t think of any. Because I am already hungry.
Oh, my sister loved what I did to her room – that’s because I cleaned it! But really, if ever somebody would do that to my room, I’d be pissed. I want my things where I left them. Besides, my room is spotless. :))

I’m off to eat. My lolo cooked my favorite food: Ginataang Gabi!
Yummmm :D

Welcome to my room.

Welcome to my room.

See what I mean?



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