Does a tumblr theme express your current mood?

I’ve been through a lot of tumblr themes, and now I am changing it yet again. Doesn’t matter how may tweaks I made. It doesn’t matter how my nights I prepared it for my blog. When the time comes that I feel the need to change it, I would.
If your theme reflects your mood. Then why am I opting for something dead simple for my new theme compared to my old paint splattered one?

Does it mean that I just want a peace of mind? or is it that my color is fading away? or does it mean I’m over analyzing it again? lol :))

Whatever it means. Here I am, rummaging the theme garden because I am too lazy to make one. Maybe I’ll share the themes I made to the theme garden. Maybe not ;)
Right now, I am controlling myself not to immerse myself in it because we are going out to watch Monte Carlo. And once I wrap my head around to theme making again, by god, I won’t get up from this damned chair.


I love reading your comments!

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