A Story About Us

One day I was walking
Minding my own business
Then you came
You ran me over
You were standing there
I was looking the other way
I was not aware
Head over heels about some other
Then I glanced your way
Stared for a long while
You were so adorable
Did you just made me smile?
And so on and so forth
I forgot the other guy
Thank you, seriously
You’re an angel in disguise
You just saved the day
You made things simpler
But oh, damn
I never thought you’d be another
The butterflies came, I thought that was it
Nope, fairies, unicorns and rainbows here
cute bunnies too, puppies floating in the air
Uh huh, you guessed it, the whole damn crew was there
But yeah, you know the song?
You’re just like a pill
Instead of making me better
You keep making me ill
So I took you like drugs
No, you’re not medicine
You were the illegal kind
Your high was mesmerizing
But ever so often,
You were throwing off warning signs
Sorry, you missed
Or maybe shit, I just wasn’t listening
And for five months we were just standing there
Fuck yeah, I was counting
Standing, not a move, were just staring
I mean, can you even imagine?
Oh, I had fun alright
Underwater we went
I held my breath that long
Till it was just too confusing
I know the crap about how actions speak louder than words
But c’mon, signals are signals, can’t confirm, can’t inform
It’s like we’re talking from two far away mountains
In the middle of a fuckn’ thunderstorm
Kay. Here’s the question,
What are you really up to?
My head’s spinning here man
What the hell am I to you?
Speak speak speak!
That’s all I reaaally want
I’m not even asking for anything!
C’mon just lay it down
I’ll stay or I’ll leave
Whichever you want, whatever it is
 I’m mature enough you know
Come clean and just be honest
After this, we’ll move on
Walk forward
Not a peek back
Take a rest
-Cherry F.

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