I must say, I was amazed.

I’ve lost the urgency to blog every hour and I lost contact to the world of the web for..almost a month. And yet, there are still people who think I am a follow worthy blog. And not only that, they’re not in it for popularity, unlike others who follow then unfollow after a day because they did not get what they want.

To all of those new followers, please give me three days till I come back to tumblr and review your blogs before I follow back ;)
The chaos is retreating because my mama is going back to Dubai. The days flew by this month, because we were everywhere everyday! And so, after the whirlwind I can go back into sitting down and thinking. Heh :)

My mama’s packing her bags now, ready for her flight tomorrow :( My sister and I will be alone for 2 years again, running the house (down). I will miss her, but it’s okay. Malayo ma’y malapit rin. :)

See you all soon, till I return ;)

Reese’s and Kisses,
Cherry F.

PS. Sorry if there are typo errors, I am tired.



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