Jed’s Island Resort Review, Price List and Room Rates

Summer is almost gone, but the heat is still up and you are sitting there dying to splash on a cold pool of water. Swimming pool resorts in the Philippines are a hit even for the beach loving creatures especially when it’s just a 2-hour drive from Manila, like let’s say Calumpit Bulacan ;)

Yesterday, my family went to Jed’s Island Resort in Calumpit. We did a lot of internet research before that of course. And of all the list of Philippine resorts, aside from its scattered tarpaulins, we chose it simply because they allow bringing of food and drinks inside without extra cost. But don’t worry they weren’t famous for nothing. Besides a cheap entrance fee compared to others, this resort has a lot more to offer.

The amenities were good and enticing.

  • 2 kiddie pools
  • 7ft. pool
  • 15 ft diving pool
  • Wave pool
  • Life-sized cartoon figures for photo-opportunities
  • Pool Fountains
  • Slides
  • Live Band
  • Videoke Machines
  • Boating and Fishing
  • Park
  • Hanging Bridge
  • Billiards
  • Horse-back Riding

We arrived there at I think, 9 in the morning. After parking our van, the first thing we felt was shock. There were lots of people! And I mean looots! Well, it was a Saturday on a summer so what else would we expect. After making sure the kids (and the oldies) are within our view and our bags still complete we purchased the tickets. And one by one we entered and followed the usherette to our designated cottage.
We were hungry and tired, but the kids, upon seeing the large ship and slides in the middle of the pool, they went wild. They didn’t even want to eat! So we dressed up and dipped.

1. There are carts available for your bags, coolers and food (which we already saw too late) for you to use.
2. Though there were only 12 of us, we ended up renting two cottages because the cottage was really just enough for you to sit. It has a limited space for your bags and extra baggage.
3. Roam around and take pictures before the sun comes up. The resort is big.
4. You can rent the videoke machine so you can use it when the sun is too hot.
5. Don’t forget the free wifi.
The only thing that bugged me is the shower rooms. They really have dirty shower rooms. Imagine this: the drainage is blocked, the water is dirty with soap and shampoo suds and is overflowing on the floor. There are sachets and napkins on the floor! Plus there are no place to hang your dry clothes or a shelf to place your things. The sanitation was really bad and there were no janitors around. The showers were of no use.- you can bathe better using a sprinkler. Also, an accident happened when a kid slipped on the floor because their shower rooms use regular slippery tiles. And another thing, the wave pool isn’t that great too because it isn’t the resort’s main attraction. If you are really looking forward to a wave pool, I suggest looking for another resort.
If you don’t really mind the things I mentioned, all in all, I could say that Jed’s Island Resort was really a fun place to be, especially if you are planning to bring kids. A whole day would just go by. It doesn’t really matter where you are right? What matters is who you are with. And in our case, out whole clan was there so there was never a dull moment.
For more infos, you can visit their website:

Comments are highly encouraged! If you’ve visited Jed’s and have additional infos about it please drop it on the comment box below for all our readers to see!

Good luck and I hope I gave you the review you were looking for ☺

24 thoughts on “Jed’s Island Resort Review, Price List and Room Rates

  1. Cherry F. says:

    I think hindi na open ang wavepool sa gabi, may time lang sya 3 to 6 ata. And food, absolutely! Yan din yung one reason kung bat namin sya napiling puntahan :)

  2. Donna lyn tuazon says:

    Pwede po bang magpareserve? Eto po yung number namin 09771929722.. Pwede po bang kunin yung number nyo para po makapagpaRESERVE po kami!! Respond po kayo agad. Meron din po kaming Landline (045) 3080584 . Reply po kayo ASAP! Thank you po

    • LORRAINE says:

      12 hrs rate po ba kayo? I mean kapag dumating kami ng 9am automatically 9pm ang out namin? Pwede po ba magdala ng mga food and beverages? ANO PO ANG REQUIRE NA SWIMMING ATTIRE? THANK YOU VERY MUCH…..

  3. LORRAINE says:

    I would like to ask if its a 12 hrs. rate? I mean if we come in at 9am our departure time is 9pm? Can we bring food and beverages? is there any swimming attire required? Hoping for you response .. Thank you…..

  4. Aileen says:

    Pano po kung birthday mo sa araw na pupunta kame sa resort nyo.meron po bang freebies para s birthday celebrant.ty

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