Mess and Things

Today is already Sunday here in the Philippines. Tomorrow is the day – my mama is arriviiiing!☺

So I am really pissed off a while ago. It’s been three weeks now and my internet and cable connections are still not done >:( I understand that they have work to do but it’s Friday yesterday and it’s my uncle’s off day. And now. Nope. Still not done.
And I can’t tell them how important it is for me to have an internet connection on my own computer in my own room with peace inside my brain once in a while. I can’t tell them that I have a lot of works to be done and I can’t do them without achieving said requirements :( But yeah, well. Whatever.

My sister and I are having a movie marathon tonight. My room’s still a messsssss!
Here’s a picture of us wasting time away while there are still things to be done around the house.

Those were our foam beds we dragged in the living room I told you from my last post. We sleep on the floor (with our dogs) and watch movies and episodes of How I Met Your Mother ☺Behind us are everything we still haven’t done yet. Look at that ladder! Haha :))

Piles of things to be done, typed and photographed.
Fine I’m getting pissed again. :( I want my internet baaaaaaack :(

I’m out.

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