It Was 1995

1995 was interesting.
We can never say that we know one person completely. Not only that that would be unhealthy to the other person, it’s also that sometimes, we should leave something for ourselves. There must be things that only you should know. You don’t completely know the entire personality of your sister, mother or even best friend.

Actually that was beside the point that I want to say right now ☺

There are things that I’ve learned just now. But I am not sure if it was good or bad that I knew. More than shocked (a bit disgusted, lol), confused and enlightened. I was amazed.

Chris had a life before we met. And he lived it. Hell, he LIVED it. And it was so narrow minded of me to assume that his status in my life is one and the same.

I have read once that when doing a story, remember that the other characters in your story must NOT revolve around your protagonist. Even the closest person to this said character has his/her own life. Everybody is the lead character in his/her own life. They are always the star and they always have their own story.

And I learned a lot not only about Chris today but also about people. There are some part of their lives that we don’t know. But it happened. Might be something we wouldn’t expect, but they did.
What would that leave me?
That things and history have not only deeper meanings but a web of interlaced stories. It’s for these people to know and for us outsiders to find out – or not.


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