Westboro Baptist Church Documentary.
I have never been so disgusted all my life that I almost cried. I don’t even know where to start. Can you just please visualize our world if this “religion” spreads out?
And I am not even angry. I’m just so sad seeing those cruelty and hate and how those innocent kids are being brought up.
This is too fucked up.

You know what, I do have something to say after all.
Why don’t you just go and make up your own god while you’re at it?

Now that I think of it, your ideas didn’t come form OUR God, because the God I know is a loving God. And as much as I hate to accept that even you people could still be forgiven, He is a forgiving God. His open arms are ever-ready to receive us, everyday sinners, that exact moment we sincerely ask for his forgiveness. I don’t have the right to cast you to hell but I know that when I go to there, I’m sure I won’t see you because there’s a special wing made just for you people, situated among hell’s most prized possessions. Now I’m angry. gah.

I’m not holy in any way. I respect other beliefs and I don’t care if another person has a different religion from me. What I cannot take, is how pretentious these self-righteous hypocrites are.

You ARE worshiping a god, but it’s not the one above.

I can’t imagine how you can illustrate our heavenly Father this way.
How dare you put words of hate in his mouth? 

This is just really painful.


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