Men and Shopping: A Guide

Men get bored of following their girls hop from one boutique to another all day. They are puzzled on how women can be surrounded by a hundred pair of shoes (that looks exactly the same), and still manage to end up buying nothing. They wonder what is it with girls and shopping.

Well, that got me thinking. I have never heard of a man going to a mall just because he wants to buy some clothes. Never in my life have I seen a man walking casually at the mall, holding several shopping bags of his own things. Have you?
So what is it with men and shopping?
Maybe they just don’t see the practicality in having seven pairs of shoes. While women might have a stiletto, a wedge, flip-flops, flats, peep-toe, sneakers and running shoes – sometimes two of the same kind differing in color or design, regular men just need at least three: Formal shoes, casual shoes and most especially, basketball shoes.

Maybe they just don’t like shopping, period. Maybe they see it as a “girl thing” and a too feminine habit to have.

Well then, tap the nearest man beside you (I hope you are not in a public place ☺) and show him this: Nowadays, you don’t need to go out in the public to shop.
You heard me. Online shopping isn’t limited to furnitures and tools anymore. Everything can be bought in the internet now. Here’s something nice I found:

Let’s say you want some new stunning basketball shoes to show off to the boys on Sunday’s game.
You can’t decide what to buy, where to buy and you want options.
No problem! Let this amazing shop do that for you, it’s called WikiShop. Just search for anything you want and they will list every store that has exactly that! You can even narrow it further to choose what store or brand or color to show. Heck, you can even choose what price range to show! Now just browse through the photos, choose where you want to buy it and you’re done! Now, there’s no need to search the entire web for things you need only to end up on some online shops that are limited to paid advertisements. Searching for books, clothes, gadgets or jewelries will never be as hard.
That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Some other tips:
1. If you’re a guy that’s completely lost in the clothing world, you are not alone. Color and pattern matching is not as hard as it looks. Try to skim over these basic tips to getting dressed.
2. Job interviews? Wedding? You can never tell when you will need to sport that shirt and tie. And wow, it’s complicated than I thought. See some no-fail shirt and tie combinations.
3. Expert on clothing? Fine. Just look at these gift guides sorted by recipient or occasion. Gift buying? Bring it on.
4. Lastly, I can never forgive myself if I post this article without sharing this:
Ladies, nobody can argue with your dream wedding when you were 10. Here’s what else you need to know, from choosing a date to the mother of the bride dress to etiquette to honeymoon. Complete Guide To Planning A Wedding.

And oh, I almost forgot. LeBron called and said that you might be looking for this:

Nike LeBron 8 WikiShop



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