Modern Day Einstein

He mastered calculus, algebra, and geometry, currently taking college-level advanced astrophysics and he is being recruited to be a paid researcher by Indiana University.

He’s 12.

While Jacob Benett seems like a normal kid who loves basketball and guitar hero, he isn’t entirely what your eyes tells you. He has an IQ of 170 which has an interpretation of Extraordinary Intelligence.

A normal average IQ by definition is 100, but the average is 95-110. IQ is highly dependent on a person’s age and improves with education. Einstein’s estimated IQ is 170 to 180, but that’s just an estimate because Einstein never took the IQ test so nobody knows for sure.

By the age of 3, Jake was diagnosed with mild autism, not long after that he began solving 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzles. He taught himself calculus, algebra and geometry in two weeks and already left high school at 8. At the moment, he is working on the Big Bang theory – the theory that describes how the universe came to be, and the experts say that he is asking the right questions.

A jaw dropping news. Jacob is really an amazing kid and I hope to God that he could maintain his sanity and his life. I pray for his health and safety. We all know that knowledge is power and we also know what some people would do to get it – and his power is to die for. He’s just a kid and it is very important that he is still enjoying his childhood. A child living in an adult world, I hope he won’t lose connection with his friends of the same age. Kudos to his parents for encouraging him at a very early age. With the right tools, personality and beliefs, I believe he would make a big difference someday, not very far off.

(Source: Yahoo News)


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