My dog will walk me.

I have some errands to do today. And I have to buy some dog food. So I decided to try and walk from my house to the grocery – for once, with my dog. So I won’t be actually walking my dog, she would be walking me.

I always wanted to do it. To decline a tricycle ride and walk, give my butt a break for once. My nanay always tells us how people back in the days walk miles just to get somewhere. That’s why old people back then were strong. She said, unlike today where we ride pedicabs and tricycles just to get to the next block.

So there. I am finally doing it.
See you all in a while. :)

Oh btw, I’m going to Sta. Ana. If you happen to see a child walking with a white puppy, that could be me ;) Mind to say hi? lol :P



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