I’m home!:)

Sachi and I walked as long as we can take the heat. Then we had no choice but to ride a tricycle. Good job picking a time to walk Che! Anyway. We’ll do it again sometime probably earlier.

I scolded Sachi just a while ago and I kept on pushing her away from me. I told her that I am mad at her. She didn’t eat her food! She’s so picky. Apparently she doesn’t like dry food. So I gave her the other kind. The one which when you mix with water becomes juicy. STILL didn’t eat it. So now I am not holding her or petting her or talking to her.
Brilliant as she is, she started eating just now. I am worried that she has a toothache or something because she’s used to eating dry. Now she only eats soft foods.

I wonder.

Hermes is locked in his crate right now. He finished his food already then started going for Sachi’s. I’m afraid that he might over eat. He’s such a small puppy. And I mean SMALL.
He’s throwing a fit right now so I can’t let him out or else he’s going to get spoiled.

I am the master. I train them, they don’t train me.
Sorry pups.
You’re left with a dictator.

-Sooner or later, this would be their blog already ;p


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