Puppy love, puppy life.

From now on, I will dedicate all my energy to these pups.

Last night I woke up three times! Hermes was crying. His shrill little voice was racking my brain. I have to put him together with Sachi so they’d play, or at least sleep together. It worked. And oh, I also woke up to three poops and three pees.
Good morning to me.

I just cleaned their crates and gave them extra fluffy mats. Hermes don’t want to sleep in it though, he squished himself in the middle of the two crates. He loves tight and enclosed spaced. I dunno. Sachi is sleeping in it right now. She’s such a smart puppy. I only need to introduce things to her once then she will already get the hang of it. I was thinking of where I would let them poop. I live on the third floor and I never rarely go out, so running 3 flights of stares several times a day is out of the question. I can’t use my uncle’s roof either because I won’t be able to do that anymore when they renovate their house.

Sooo. I decided to just provide them a small litter box. So they can go anytime they want even if it’s in the middle of the night. I don’t know what technique I am using right now. I’ve read a lot of how-to’s on the net but I don’t think I can do those so I’ll just try my own technique. Let’s call it the specimen technique at the moment. ;)

I just really hope they’d learn this as fast. I am making this a challenge for myself. I’ve never trained anything before so, – wait, I have! I trained my past puppy to climb up the bed, which was actually a bad thing to do.- Anyway, I’ve never trained anything to do something beneficial before, so I would totally gain so much self respect if would be able to pull this off. Haha :D

I really really really hope. Update you as soon as there’s an improvement :)


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