A Millionaire’s First Love Movie Review

A Millionaire’s First Love

The story revolves about a young arrogant boy who inherited his grandfather’s money. He is a spoiled slacker who gets anything he wants – till the day he heard his grandfather’s last will and testament.
While he was planning his way out of his grandfather’s will, he met this crazy and adorable young girl. Even though he was rude to her, they became closer together. At the end of the movie, the real storyline between them was revealed. In the end, he got his surprise and his grandfather got his last wishes.

I am a sucker for sad romantic movies. The story will keep you guessing, until the end where you’ll finally understand it all. Though I already somewhat know what the ending would be, I still cried. It was fast phased but still, the movie is very touching. I love Korean love stories because they really know how to pull your heartstrings. Funny, sad and very romantic. I suggest you watch it.

Jae-Kyung : When you were little did a boy kiss you?
Eun-Whan: I don’t know.
Jae-Kyung : Do you know why they close their eyes when kissing?

Eun-Whan: Because they are so dazzled by each other.
Jae-Kyung : In that short moment with my eyes close, I will miss you. “



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