I Am Number Four Movie Review

I Am Number Four

They are visitors who ran away from another planet. There were nine of them each had their own powers. John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) is a fugitive who ran away to earth with Henri – His protector. A teen who has no ties to his past, keeping himself invisible wiping his identity every now and then. His captors, for which reason I do not know, must kill every single one of them in order. Learning that number three is dead, he and Henri ran away again and found themselves in Paradise, Ohio. John started his life there, and against Henri’s will, he enrolled himself in highschool. Keeping a low profile, he then meets his love interest Sarah (Dianna Agron) and befriended Sam (Callan McAuliffe). His enemies caught up with him and that’s where all the troubles started. He learned his new powers and met Number Six – Jane Doe. Together they fought for their lives, making it their personal goal to meet with all the others and be a stronger force against their captors.

I wasn’t really psyched about this movie. We were planning to watch Channing Tatum’s absEagle when I don’t know what happened and I ended up buying tickets for this movie. It’s plot is a little stressing for me. Especially the ending. Nice fighting scenes, sweet romantic scenes and funny bits. A generally pleasant movie. Pleasant is not a nice adjective when it comes to movies. It leaves the viewers a lot of questions – which I think is their way of saying watch out for the sequel. I hope that’s what would happen. Because personally, I wouldn’t go out of my way to look for that answers on the succeeding movies because the first one didn’t have that grasp on me like the movie produces planned. All in all, for me the movie was a feeble attempt to be among the rising saga’s – Harry Potter, Twilight and  Percy Jackson. Now that I remember, I was joking with my sister that the movie was exactly like a mixture of all of those, and exactly like the book we have read – The Fallen. If you ask me for a single description I’d give you a..*shrugs*



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