I am done following back people on the first page of my followers list.

I check every single one. Sorry If I did not follow your blog. It’s either

1. It’s full of KPop.
2. Your background is your face or your picture is taking half of my screen.
3. We like different things.
4. Your blog is deactivated. What even?
5. I can’t find your follow button!!!

I will continue following spree tomorrow.
I am blogging again in english :( YOU KNOW I TRIED!! I dunno, I just feel comfortable typing like this. But because blogging in filipino is one of my new year’s resolutions, I WILL do it, every now and then.

I will be up early tomorrow, I started the alarm’s on my phone again.
Remember the schedule I told you about? (of course not.)
The one I made, to follow for a week. From 7 am to 10 pm. Everyday.
Yeah, that one. Which I never finished because I got sick and I have to be confined at the hospital. If that happens again, I think it’s the exercise I incorporated on my daily routine. Maybe it’s because I keep watching House MD. There were episodes there where the things that got the patients sick was hiding in their fat tissues. They burned these fats while being at the hospital, so they were released and got sicker.
But you know, that’s just me making excuses for myself. :P

I WILL do my best to follow these schedules one day at a time. I hope I could. I really do.
I am not big on planning things. Not important things anyway.
I just accept things as they come. So this change is really hard for me. Imagine every minute of the day mapped out? Another part I am adding to these changes is to reply to people who texts me. I am not big on texting. And most especially voice calls. But I will, reply to all of them from now on. I don’t know why, I’m just moody that way. But from now on I will reply. Answer calls – well, I’m still working on that.

HEYY, I have a long post. YEY ME! I missed blogging like this :) Maybe I should try this unfollow/alone time more often huh?
Anyway. Fun’s over. Tomorrow, rules start.

1:13am on my clock.
Goodmorning to all of you!


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