I am running 2 antivirus programs right now.

Two full scans. I know, I shouldn’t install two antivirus progs at once, but I do not know which one to get rid off!
Avira or  Microsoft Security Essentials?

Anyway. My sister inserted her infected USB and forgot to scan it. We do it every single time we insert anything on this laptop, and this single moment she forgot to do it, it actually has virus.


Anyway -_- Izz okai.
Will be following a bunch of you guys again. Tomorrow perhaps. Got rid of those people I wanted to get rid of. They unfollowed me because I unfollowed them.

HA! Your loss.


But maybe I didn’t lose a lot of you because you knew that that was my plan all along? Boo you.

OH. I missed my dash!!:D I didn’t know that I’d miss you bunch of people I don’t even know!:)

I will see you again tomorrow.

Goodnight all :)


I love reading your comments!

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