Clean and Green Living

We are having some renovations at our house at the moment. Extremely boring especially whenever I peek at everyday and it seems like nothing changed. But of course, that is because I am not the one doing the house. OR, might be because The Sims made house building cake!-_-. Either way, I am so excited with it! I could only wish they’d make it exactly the way I want it, and paint it with my own hands.

Because of these renovations, I realized how much I love big windows. I might just have a glass house someday! (yeah, dream on) Everything is bright and breezy. And you know what else? I like flowers and plants all around me. Like for example, white window box planters on every window which gives fragrant scents whenever the wind blows,  herbs and spices right at my kitchen, indoor plants decor sitting on classy ceramic planters. What a nice environment would that be! BUT, unfortunately, everything I hold, dies and I don’t live in a place where I can have a garden! (yet).
But I know that there are nice outdoor planters out there especially when you live on an apartment. Maybe something you could put on your veranda, or rooftop like ours.

How I wish I had my grandmother’s greenthumb. Might be nice to take care of something that doesn’t die as fast as, I don’t know..dogs and hamsters :(
With a little patience and a lot of practice and knowledge maybe? I’d definitely start now though. Starting with our ever resilient cacti!
I’d get there. Baby steps :)

Good luck on yours! :)


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