I’ve been neglecting my personal blog.
Sorry for that.

Nothing’s new about me, don’t worry ;)

I just made this facebook page for my other blog.
Updated Sims, made houses.
I’m hardcore!:)

I like Sims the way you like Kpops, Justin Bieber and Harry Potter. Shut up.

I kept on thinking a while ago how having a boyfriend can suck the life out of you(me)
-No more sleeping late.
-Spend money for cellphone loads.
-Nonsense jealousy.
-No more sims

FACT: I can ignore my phone and not charge it for three days and nobody would notice.

HEY, I ♥ my new background :D
I want to make it up to my blog so I made it a new background :)

Flight of ideas >_<
Bye all!


I love reading your comments!

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