My phone is useless, it has no load and I don’t buy load for it.

I missed Hachiko on TV so I downloaded it.

I watched it.

My eyes are puffy right now.

It’s 8 and I feel like its 10 already.

Which means nothing really.

It could be 9 am for all I care.

Transferring my other blog to a separate blog.

Which means I have to post it again one by one.

Redo the links one by one.

And I just took 75% of my daily allowance to post photos.

I didn’t even know something like that exists.

I want some food right now.

Will be watching House.

This is me being boring right now.

I am solitary like this.

I don’t know why I am writing this way.

Maybe it’s because ideas enter my mind this way.



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