I am waiting for the day when there will be no more bills and coins and paper documents. Everything will have to be electronic. Your birth certificates your diplomas all electronic. Everybody has his own ID number and everything about everybody is stored in a central processing unit forever. No need for long lines to claim your documents. Job applications, just send them everything they need. Fire, no hassle. You can print, download, whatever but mostly it’s there for your permanent records. Swipe your wrist or thumb or whatever and you can fly into another country, no more passports. Buy something, online or not, no more money or credit cards. Record your time in jail, stored forever. You can even throw away keys. Your house recognizes you.

But of course there are a lot of cons for that. Security is the top most problem.

Somewhere farther in the future there’d be no more cameras. You only need your eyes to record something, or take a photo of something. Zoom in, zoom out. Click.
Store them in your wrist.
Ipods – ancient. Listen to sounds via bone conduction implanted behind your ear. All your entertainment in one place – your wrist.

Still pushing on the boundaries: Memories – upgradeable. Learning – downloadable moreover – “UPLOADABLE”

My inventors and surgeons where you at? But yeah, this ones gonna be bloody.

Someday in the future humans would be 40% mechanical.

3D movies are nothing compared to hologram goggles. Feel like you’re inside the move – literally.

Global warming, fine. Convert it into energy. Solar energy, Geothermal energy name it, it runs your house.

Sci-fi movie material. But not impossible.
It would be nice. Wouldn’t it?
Somewhere in the future, before the sun erupts…


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