12 Days of Tumblr
Day 8: Post a photo of someone that means a lot to you.

I dedicate this post to them, and I hope all of you would realize how special your grandparents are.

These are my grandparents and they mean a whole lot to me that I let on.
I am not a showy kind of person so I pray now and then that they would realize and feel how I love them. I’ve heard their million stories countless times. I think every grandparent deserves this. To relieve their life by sharing their experiences. That every grandchild should give a very special gift of listening to them. Though our generations were so far apart and most of the time they tell us stories about war in the Philippines against the Japanese, I can vividly see myself living it with them, with all the descriptions they say, the changes that happened all around them and the way things were. I feel happy whenever I listen to their random story at the most random moments, sometimes during commercial breaks, or when we are eating or cooking. And I see that faraway look in their eyes and I knew that at that very moment, they are not with me anymore.

I’ve been living with them since I was a kid and I’ve seen them both through the happy and rough times. And what I admire in them is the courage and perseverance to get through it all no matter what, even the gates of hell couldn’t stop them to raise their family.

My grandparents had 7 children. When you look at it now, poor couples bearing 7 children, it is just unacceptable. But that’s what I admire in them. Both of them came from poor families, and those days were as hard as our economy these days. My grandfather was a security guard in San Miguel and he works shifts, sometimes in far away places. My grandmother on the other hand is the one left at home taking care of my aunties and uncles. She grabbed whatever work there is. She persevered. She refused to sell this piece of land we are living in right now, even though before the house they are living in is small and tattered. Even though they were poor, they and even their children did not result to crimes like hold-upping, snatching or robbery, just like what the common poor do nowadays to solve their problems. All of her children were brought up with their hearts in the right place, taking care and looking out for each other. My grandparents, though they did not finish their schooling, did not make any excuses for themselves. They took every opportunity there is. And now, though we are not rich, I can humbly say that we are in the middle class that has the privilege to eat three times a day, use technology and can buy things we need or even just want.
From that small house with little money and nothing to eat, they not only brought up seven very hardworking children, sent them to school but also guided them to become good people. And now here we are, their grandchildren reaping the benefits, the good and easy life. And it is all because of them. Because if they did not do what they did our generation won’t be so lucky. They are the root cause of  everything we have right now. And because of them I truly believe that being poor is not an excuse to have a poor life. They decided that hard life should end with them and it did. And I love them so much. They are truly my inspiration. I love you ‘nay, ‘tay.


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