I may not be entirely sure how relationships work, but I’m pretty sure how friendship does. So – and I am saying this to nobody in particular, just a random thought that crossed my mind, to all the people out there, stop giving me the “just a friend” crap.

It’s either

a. I want me more than just a friend that is why you are treating me that way.
b. You really do just want me as your friend and you say all those things to your lady friends – which proves that you are one fucking messed up person.
c. You’re just full of it.

I AM SO TIRED of being used.

Don’t run to me if you just want to make someone jealous.
Don’t run to me for booty call.
Don’t run to me if you just want to forget someone.
Don’t fucking run to me because you are sad.

I haven’t had a relationship in while and my last one was so messed up that I don’t know what really is normal and not.
Can I just have one goddamn normal person who knows how to make a normal relationship, or just even a normal friendship! and not make things complicated for me?! Can I just have that?? Just one?

Just one simple person who won’t take advantage or turn me into a fucking masochistic martyr I am turning into.

Thank you.


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