I am busy with my other blog today. A tumblelog actually. I am pissed on why I made it a tumblelog instead of an entirely new blog -_- Now I cannot do that without doing everything form scratch or rewiring every link! aslkvknanaag!lajglajgl;ajlkagladgagiakvn!!!!

I finished downloading Paranormal Activity 2. I doubt if I can watch it because I am easily scared with this stuffs. But my friends and I would have a sleepover here at my house tomorrow, and we’ll have a movie marathon watching scary movies. HAHA :))
I can only imagine how loud we would be. I hope it’ll push through.

I also finished downloading the entire season 1 of House. Season 2 is on its way. Though I had already watched this season, I am bored, so I think I am going to do it again in a while – Which makes me think, how people waste so many hours of their life doing the same thing over agian.


I love reading your comments!

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