The Mentalist Season 2 Finale

I’m getting obsessed on who Red John is. I’m still debating on whether she’s a man or a woman. But he dated the blind girl on one episode right? But why did Kristina go with him without a fuss? Might be because Kristina wants to help Red John or could be because she is Red John? He pulled Jane up on the season finale, when his chair tipped over. Could it be just a strong woman? And when Red John spoke for the first time, the voice was a little high. Reminded me of a male teenager’s voice. But then when he recited the poem, and his pitch was low. I was really frustrated for Jane the way he came face to face with his family’s killer and yet he can’t do anything about it. And when Red John saved him and yet didn’t kill him, that was marvelous. He loved playing games with Jane that he’d rather have him alive than dead. The last part of the episode though, was rather creepy. Jane lied down his bed reciting the poem Red John gave him, and he was smiling.
It’s scary that Jane and Red John have a relationship where they feed on each other’s needs. And deep deep inside, they actually enjoy their puzzle games.
Of course, I don’t expect that they would catch Red John anytime soon, because where’s the fun in that?:)


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