I was all set ready for bed when I realized that I was hungry.
I hate it. Sometimes I just ignore it and sleep it off but my hands were shaking a while ago, maybe hypoglycemia. I remembered I only ate a burger and 2 pancakes because I have to clean my room and I have no time for food ;P
So there. Another tip to gain weight.
Starve yourself and eat at night.


I am so happy because the short movie I made is done and posted already. Thanks for all the nice feedbacks! The more people compliment on it, the more shy I become :D That was my first project in Sims3. I hope it won’t be my last! Though I hope I wouldn’t get any inspiration to make another one too soon! Because I still have a lot of things on my to do list even as I cross out this one. I get obsessive about things sometimes and it just shoots up on my priority list. :P

It’s too cold tonight.
I catch cold too fast. A little drizzle, a little dust, any simple thing can irritate my nose – and me for the whole day.
Anyway. It’s drizzling outside and yet the ac is on (my sister wants it).
I shall now put on my socks, leave the laptop on (downloading movies) and bid you all goodnight.

Hope you also had a good and productive day!
Paalam. :)


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