I unrooted some of my grandma’s cacti today ;)
I replanted them in small container to make some kind of a (very) small indoor garden(??). I forgot what it’s called but I saw it somewhere around the net. Boy was it hard! And I did quite a mess -_- But I did it! I watered it a bit and set it outside to catch some sunshine. The moment I placed it down among my grandmother’s plants, I instantly knew I would kill it. Maybe it’s already on its way to death because I pulled them (gently!) right out of the soil. I shouldn’t have done that ;) I am quite sure I’ll over water it or forget to put it inside when it rains. I don’t even know If I used the right soil! Oh well, let’s just say I am helping it reach faster it’s demise. They were not in the best condition in the first place so let’s just say I am giving them hospice care ;) I hope my grandmother won’t notice the missing cactus on her pot.

I also finally removed the Christmas lights outside my window. And as I put it in the box, I had this great idea.
What if I hang it on my wall?
Oh my, Tumblr is getting out of my computer and into my room!
Haha :D
I’ll show you a picture later at night if ever I had successfully done it.


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