You've got to be kidding me?

I was cleaning my room.
And I accidentally pulled the laptop’s electricity.

The video I’ve been uploading in youtube – Gone.

I have to start over again!! -_-
I’m tired.

Well, physically tired from turning my room upside down, soaping the floor and mopping it over and over again.
I replaced the bed sheet and the curtains and I still have some dusting to do. ;) My sister arrived with pancakes she made for me.. How sweeeeet :”>

So now I am resting.

And oh, I still have my Christmas lights outside my window. Haha!:P
I keep on putting it off. I will remove it later :D
Hmmmmm!:) Don’t you just love the feeling of newly cleaned surroundings?

Oh well, Break’s over. Back to work. :)


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