I just woke up.

My lola went inside my room and saw me.

Lola: You just woke up?
Me: *Nodded*
Lola: You haven’t had breakfast and yet you’re already in front of the computer?
Me thinking: Nay, this is  breakfast.

Anyway, I just peeked in youtube to see if my download is done. Nope, not even close. So I just went in here to check my accounts and change my DPs back to normal. I changed my profile picture in facebook too. And followed some batchmates in twitter. I don’t know why, I don’t even use that thing. I still really don’t get the hang of twitter. Kind of boring don’t you think? Unless you are a celebrity or advertiser. I can’t see myself updating every minute about my whereabouts and what I am doing. Maybe I’m not witty enough for that. Maybe that’s it. Or maybe it’s depressing to think that “nobody cares what you are doing.”. Or maybe twitter just became another link pool. Or maybe it’s because 140 characters (I know tweetlonger.) doesn’t appeal much  to me. It’s bad enough that people don’t read you blogs anymore if it is three paragraphs long. Now I have to compress stuff in one line? My brain is talkative you know.

Okay enough chat.
Shall eat and do my chores.

Today’s mantra: I’m the change. I’m the change. I am the change!

I always hear (read) Ciao, Arivaderchi and Namaste.
What if I stick to the good ol’ Paalam? Good huh?
Or when I feel geeky I’d say: Degg degg! or Zune zune! Cool eh?

Okay, okay. Enough. I shall go now, see you all later!;)


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