Spent my entire day making a simple and short video using Sims 3. Whew ;)

Transferring raw 34.5 gig of movie files from Sims folder to my external drive. I hope I could make this wonderful video ;)
So..I am here, waiting for time.

After I’ve done this, at least I could move on to my other tasks. Set an appointment, clean the room and make a schedule on my white board ;)

Oh yeah, I have a bigggg white board  here where I pretend to be a teacher and teach my sister math ;) This is also what I use to write things I have to remember. Formulas, Acronyms, Lists, To-Do’s and even doodles and drawings. It’s fun!!:)

50% to go…

Where’s my Anon? I miss you anon :”>


I love reading your comments!

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