My sister and I went to the mall today to watch Little Fockers and go buy some stuffs for the house. I love Meet The Parents and Meet The Fockers!:) And Ben Stiller is one of my favorite comedians, BUT, this last (hopefully) sequel fell short of the ha-ha. It was amusing and funny, yes. But compared to the two, I would say the makers of the movie just wanted to make another one to complete the trilogy. It lost its focus on what the title said.

Anyway! That’s just what me and my sister has to say. I’d still say go and watch it yourself ;P

So. I bought a box of incense today. One stick is burning down right now as I type this. I don’t know, maybe I just wanted something new for my senses.

I need something else to do besides sit here and accumulate fat. -_-
I mean. Well, there are a lot of things to do! But I am lazyyyy. ohgod.
If only I could wake up early tomorrow and drag my ass to jog somewhere, I would! But of course, that is scary. I would love to do that everyday if I could just have somebody to jog with me ;) But come to think of it really, I could do that right here at home with that thingy that my tita bought. I did once! Early in the morning for almost four days until I have to get sick for two weeks – for some other reasons of course. After that, I never started again.
Okay so I think I’m going to start that routine again. But not tomorrow. I shall deprive myself some sleep today to make this movie making itch out of my system.
Maybe you guys will get lucky and I’ll post here. Kidding ;) I will if it won’t suck okay? Bah. If it sucked I’ll post it anyway!

Good luck to me ;)


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