Some Kind of Wonderful (1987) Movie Review

Some Kind of Wonderful (1987)

Watts and Keith had been best friends forever. Keith was one of the guys.. who don’t fit in and Watts is a tomboy who has love for music as much as for sarcasm. They got well together without malice and without killing each other, until Watts suddenly felt different towards Keith as he scores a date with the most popular girl in school. She helped Keith with his girl, and she stares at them at the distance. Watts, portrayed by Mary Stuart Masterson was amazing. Though I think, this is the first time I’ve seen her, I would guess that she’s a really great actress. She portrayed wonderfully a street smart, boyish girl who’s deep inside, really sensitive and shy.  On the other hand, Keith and Amanda portrayed by Erick Stoltz and Lea Thompson respectively, wasn’t so bad either. The camera definitely loved them. The acting in this movie is what gave it a character. The characters can get under your skin even if they’re not talking. It was refreshing to see a romantic movie which can stand on its own even without sex. Though the film has the common plot – best friend love, it has it’s own surprise and originality. Even the innocent kisses were so much more romantic. When I watch movies like this, I really ask myself what ever happened to the movie industry. It has hilarious parts, very romantic “awwww” moments and I even got a little bit of real tears right here.

I really, really recommend that you watch it you guys. Try it!:)

10/10 for me.


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