Off to bed now.

How can I sleeeeep? My neighbor’s music is so loud. And they are listening to some god awful hiphop songs -_-
There are just times that I pray, and hope really really deep in my heart for a brownout. UGHHHH. Their songs O!M!G! full of profanity and ugly lyrics. OH MY.

ANYYYYYWAY. I’m so sleepy and really annoyed right now.

I just made myself happy by looking at puppy photos on google ;)
There are lots of puppies for sale in the ads I saw. But oh my, 12,000php for a pup??
Maybe I should go and look for a part time job just to buy a dog huh? Where am I getting this freaky puppy cravings? Sounds like I wanted to eat them. LOL.

Somebody give me a puppppyyyyyyy!!
or atleast just please make the awful music stop! :(

Oh dear Lord.


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