I saw an advertisement on TV regarding KPOP and their Androgyny..

~Androgyny – A person who does not fit into the typical feminine of masculine traits.

I’m just wondering. What would happen if in the future if gender classification does not exist. Would it bring end to homophobia? Or would it pose more problems than what we already have?

I have read something from somewhere, it was supposedly to be a joke actually but it made me think nevertheless.
It says, after how many hundreds of generations, the race would be so intermixed that no race would exist anymore. Everybody would be included into one big race without differentiation. I was imagining a palette where all paint colors are mixed into gray.

Just imagine a world where everybody has the same color, height, hair, eyes and where gender doesn’t matter. Though this is fiction — as of now ;) doesn’t it stir your mind a bit?


I love reading your comments!

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