Just got home from the night market. There are lot of people buying stuffs and gifts as usual. Music blaring, people talking and trying to push you if not harass you or snatch your belongings. Okay nothing like that happened, but it is a possibility! My friends and I ate and separated ways at almost 2:30 am. Feet is hurting right now because of walking. :(
So when I was on my way home, I was riding a jeepney. My first story is this. Everything was going well until I saw the gas station on the next street. Ever since I watched that video where a gas station exploded because one of the workers used his phone for a light, I get too anxious and nervous around gas stations. THEN, this girl beside me, stated using hers! She was talking on the phone. I prayed that the driver won’t gas up. But of course he did. He stopped at the gas station. But there’s more. When the hole where they put the gas on jeepneys are usually in front beside the driver, this particular jeepney’s got it’s hole inside the vehicle under the chair in front of me. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?? The gas attendant was opening the chute and this girl was constantly talking on her cell beside me, I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown then and there. I bowed down my head and kept on praying that nothing bad would happen. I was so paranoid. I thought I would be engulfed in flames any second. So the gas station event was over. The moment the jeepney was done, that’s the moment this girl decided to end the call. Great. It was ridiculous! Here comes the next thing, so everybody started to alight the jeep one at a time. I was the only one left on the jeep, and this goddamn driver decided to cut his trip so he could make another round. I was left there standing, 2:30 in the morning, four blocks away from home, cursing under my breath. Both on my left and right streets were men, standing by (ISTAMBAY!). I was so cared!! No jeepney was passing by and the street was deserted. I decided to walk… I don’t know what kind of bad luck is after me, but it didn’t get me. One jeep, bless the driver’s soul, stopped in front of me and I got home safe and sound.

Whew. :)
Right now, my sister and I are prepped ready to make our project we’ve been preparing for for a week. I’ll keep you posted.



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