Today, I decided to bend my day and do something useful of myself. I decided to drop the Sims world and get away from the laptop. I have a full page of things to be done and I decided to do at least one a day (which I should have done a long time ago). So I went to look for some music to help me carry on but I felt bored with them so I went to look for movies. I stumbled upon these Japanese movies my friend gave me, but then I realized I have glue my eyes on the TV. Subtitles, you know. So I just settled for an English movie I might not be able to watch at night. Nightmare on Elm Street. I don’t remember if I had already watched this, or if it’s even scary. But here I go.

Will be playing the movie as I dispatch the clutters around my house.
Please, if you have any suggestions of good horror movies, let me know.
See you all later :D


I love reading your comments!

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