I lost 120 followers after my last post.
I don’t know why I have to post my picture.
LOL. No just kidding.

I have nothing on my mind today. I just love the feeling of going out and staying away from the computer once in a while. The only thing is that I am broke, so…

My to do list is still overflowing, I guess I have to do them sooner or later, so that when the new year comes I’ll feel rebooted :D

Anyway, 2010 was nice to me. I cannot complain because I had some wonderful things happen to me this year. I am thinking of listing them for my year end countdown or something.

I shall go now, I have an itch right now.
To make a sim house. So, Sims 3 fanatics, wait for it okay?
See ya’ll later!


I love reading your comments!

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